Documentary (In Development)

Sports fans, journalists, and movie producers have followed the Atlas story literally for decades but many questions remain. This doc will provide the answers.

This film will explore the turbulent and triumphant life of Teddy Atlas – from an at-risk youth on the mean streets of New York City; as a Golden Gloves fighter under the tutelage of boxing luminary Cus D’Amato; as a trainer who unleashed a teenage Mike Tyson into the arena; and as a creator of contenders and champions, among them heavyweight Michael Moorer, whom he led to the crown by defeating Evander Holyfield.

Using never before seen archival footage, historical photographs, as well as candid interviews, this film uncovers one of the greatest untold stories in the world of boxing.






“Teddy Atlas taught me a lot about human nature through boxing. That world that he loves so much conspired to corrupt him and compromise him at every turn, yet he never took a dive. His plainspoken struggle to keep his integrity is heroic, funny, and inspiring.”

   — Willem Dafoe